Agribusiness Committee Meeting on Friday, 7 July 2023

7 Jul 2023 | Agribusiness Past Meetings

Last modified date: 14 Dec 2023

Duration: 1 hour and a half

    The AgriBiz Committee organized its 4th meeting of the year on 7 July and discussed:

    • Supporting an international workshop that the Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium (CASIC) aims to organize in October, in line with the committee’s approach to promote sustainable production and engage at the international level with relevant stakeholders.

    • Organising exclusive meetings with experts from certification bodies, development agencies, and research institutes focused on sustainable agriculture to share information about wild honey’s place in the value chain and certifications available in Cambodia.

    • Hosting an event covering financing opportunities for the agro-ecology transition. This event will provide an outlook on the funds available for agricultural producers as they switch to more sustainable production techniques in Cambodia.

    • The White Book 2023: The AgriBiz committee will focus on incentives for companies supporting farmers, sustainable farming standards for Cambodia, and offering recommendations for reforming the labour law to be adapted to the agri-business context.

    Sustainability is the key objective of the committee. The fifth committee meeting will take place in September to check the progress of these projects.