Closed-Door Green Business Committee Meeting on the 7th March 2024

23 Apr 2024 | Green Business Past Meetings

Last modified date: 23 Apr 2024

Duration: 1 hour 

On 7 March, EuroCham Cambodia’s Green Business Committee convened for a closed-door meeting under the theme: E-waste Management: A Global Challenge, A Local and Regional Solution.

Mr. Sebastien Ung, Representative at Asia Data Destruction Cambodia addressed the critical challenges of managing electronic waste (e-waste) in Southeast Asia. He emphasised the need for a multi-pronged approach to combat this global problem. E-waste poses a significant threat to human health, livestock, and the environment. Over 2 million tons of e-waste is produced across the globe each year. Cambodia produces 2.1 kg of e-waste per capita annually, highlighting the urgent need to address this issue.

Two key points of the meeting:

Regulations and re-enforcement: The Green Business Committee acknowledges the efforts of the Cambodian government in managing e-waste. However, they emphasise that Cambodia needs stronger e-waste management regulations to address the high volume of low-quality second-hand electronics which require quick replacement and contribute to the e-waste problem.

Awareness and education: Awareness and education are key in addressing e-waste. People need to know the environmental impact of improper disposal and the importance of sustainable practices. They can repair, refurbish, donate, sell, or recycle electronics. Collaborations between government bodies promote awareness and education. By implementing effective measures, Cambodia can work towards sustainable and responsible management of e-waste.