Courtesy meeting between EuroCham and the Minister of Tourism

21 Mar 2024 | Tourism & Hospitality Government Consultation

Last modified date: 21 Mar 2024

Duration: 1 hour 

On February 12th, EuroCham Cambodia and its Tourism and Hospitality Committee met with Minister of Tourism H.E. Sok Soken and high-level ministry representatives. Both parties emphasised their commitment to working together to attract tourists and investments to Cambodia.

Following welcome remarks from EuroCham Chairman Tassilo Brinzer, Executive Director Martin Brisson presented the White Book 2024, Business Confidence Survey, and Advocacy Compass as tools for the Ministry’s consideration.

Jacques Guichandut, Chairman of the Tourism & Hospitality Committee and Managing Director of All Dreams Cambodia, highlighted the committee’s activities and their desire to collaborate with the government on heritage building conservation and new tourism investment sites, as outlined in the White Book.

Acknowledging the concerns raised by the private sector, Minister H.E. Sok Soken emphasised the importance of ongoing collaboration with industry for a resilient tourism sector. He actively welcomed EuroCham’s continued involvement and specifically encouraged their participation in the Cambodia Tourism Board (CTB) once fully established. This board aims to develop a competitive, sustainable, and inclusive tourism industry by fostering connections with key markets, accelerating tourism development, and enhancing stronger marketing to promote Cambodia as a tourism destination.

Mr. Brinzer expressed his gratitude for the government’s efforts to internationalise the Cambodian tourism market and integrate the informal economy into the sector. He further commended the new government’s strategic plans and looks forward to continued cooperation.

Together, EuroCham and the Ministry of Tourism are committed to building a strong, sustainable, and attractive tourism industry for Cambodia, benefitting both businesses and the local community.