Designing with AI! Breakfast Talk on Thursday, 23rd of November 2023

30 Nov 2023 | Real Estate & Construction Past Events

Last modified date: 4 Dec 2023

Duration: 1 hour 

AI has implications across sectors, and the real estate and construction sector is no exception. On Thursday, EuroCham’s Real Estate and Construction (REC) Committee hosted a Breakfast Talk to dive into this issue, analysing how AI is impacting the industry.

Some key takeaways from the talk:

+ AI has the ability to assist with some repetitive tasks in the sector and create conceptual visuals, but has yet to be able to handle more complex tasks like creating 3D renderings and full sets of drawings.

+ AI won’t likely replace engineers or architects, but companies and people that effectively utilize these technologies could take the lead in the future.

+ Like any new technology, adoption happens in phases. People’s expectations of AI skyrocketed when it became mainstream, and after expectations are reset, it’s true value will become more clear.

+ AI is the next natural and unavoidable step for human evolution, and more emphasis needs to be placed on how leaders manage the tech to make sure it’s not misused.

+ The government has tested AI in land surveillance, and while it was able to develop reports much quicker than officials traveling on the ground, precise areas like borders still need to rely on human intervention.

+ AI has promising potential in building maintenance, allowing a building to monitor its own HVAC, heating, air quality, and cooling processes.

+ Regulation will play in important role in the future, and the private sector could be a key partner in helping the government develop this regulation.

We’d like to thank our esteemed lineup of speakers including:
-H.E. Dr. Chhan Sorphal, Deputy General Director of the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction;
-Mr. Bao Kiem Nguyen Trung, Senior Architectural Design Manager at Archetype Vietnam;
-Mr. Ian Mann, Architect, Founder and Director of Future Thoughts;
-Mr. Ty Chea, Head of Sales at ULS Cambodia (Urban Living Solutions);
-Mr. Serge Pak, Vice-Chairman of the Supplier Pillar of the REC Committee and CEO of Beton Block and Pave; and
-Mr. Michel Cassagnes, Chairman of the REC Committee and Managing Director of Archetype Cambodia.

And of course, thanks to our sponsor FUTURE. for making this event possible!