FMCG Committee Meeting on 19 of June 2023

19 Jun 2023 | Fast Moving Consumer Goods Past Meetings

Last modified date: 14 Dec 2023

Duration: 1 hour 

The third meeting of the FMCG Committee took place on Monday, 19 June. The meeting’s major goals were to discuss the FMCG sector’s current situation and its major challenges. During the meeting, the following topics were raised:

– Illicite trade and legal purchasing age: The committee discussed the legal purchasing age for alcohol and tobacco in Cambodia. The industry has encountered some issues related to current regulations that are not well-enforced, which allow minors to access these products illegally.

– The new establishment of the new FMCG Sub-Committee: The committee will establish three new working groups to specifically work on three main pillars:

– Consumer-end information;
– Illicit trade and;
– Minimum purchasing ages.

To improve the efficiency of addressing the present challenges encountered by the community to the appropriate government bodies, the subcommittee will work on an action plan in accordance with the divisional pillars.

2023 White Book Edition Progress: The FMCG committee will have its own 2023 White Book Chapter that will cover topics under the three pillars, including:

– More clarification on consumer-end information;
– Enforcement and prevention of illicit trading; and
– Minimum purchasing age for alcohol and tobacco.

The 2023 White Book will be released in September, so stay tuned for updates!