Healthcare Committee Meeting on 15 of May 2023

15 May 2023 | Healthcare Past Meetings

Last modified date: 14 Dec 2023

Duration: 1 hour

Ms. Phrium Dyphan, Co-Chairwoman of the meeting, and a representative of the practitioners brought together several industries involved in the healthcare sector.

The occasion allowed for discussion of the Committee’s next project:
• First step is to organize the Networking Night on 14 June. At this gathering, all industry professionals can mingle and discuss potential business partnerships.
• The organization of the Breakfast Talk aims to provide an overview of the Healthcare industry in Cambodia, particularly to understand the cause of the lack of trust from Cambodian patients toward the Cambodian Healthcare industry, and the potential remedy to this issue.
• The Committee is also trying to speed up the homologation process for pharmaceutical products as part of its pharmaceutical pillar.
• The Committee also talked about the topic of communication in the healthcare field because it is crucial to the patient’s recovery. One of the potential solutions is to host a special conference on the issue.
• The Healthcare Committee will have its own chapter in the White Book 2023. The publication is anticipated to cover subjects like expanding the list of permitted biological products, improving the safety of pharmaceuticals, and harmonizing the pharmaceutical process.
• Working is currently being done on the brochure on the prevention for public health particularly to tackle non-infectious diseases which will be written in Khmer.

The Healthcare Networking Night, which is slated for mid-June, will get this busy agenda off to a strong start.