Healthcare Committee meeting on Tuesday, 9th of July

11 Jul 2024 | Healthcare Past Meetings

Last modified date: 11 Jul 2024

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

On Tuesday, 9th July, EuroCham’s Healthcare Committee held a meeting to discuss the following points:

Curriculum Development: Following discussions on the updated 2022 nursing curriculum, the committee focused on developing curricula for paramedics and other health professionals. They believe that developing skills for health professionals is crucial for a robust Cambodian healthcare system.

Medical Devices Registration: Committee Co-Chairwoman Mrs. Pech Chhommonica and Senior Advocacy Officer Joachim Dautais met with the Department of Drugs and Food (DDF) on 29th May to address the delay in medical device registration due to slow import certificate delivery. The DDF informed that the Ministry of Health (MoH) will hold monthly registration and renewal committee sessions starting the first Friday of each month to expedite the process.

The committee will request a training session from the MoH on pharmaceutical product registration through the CamPORS platform. Additionally, they will advocate for a streamlined process for medical device registration and extension of the import license validity period.

Upcoming Committe Elections: The current Healthcare Committee leadership’s term is ending. Elections to choose new leadership will be held on 27th August.