HR Committee Meeting on 26 of July 2023

26 Jul 2023 | Human Resource Past Meetings

Last modified date: 14 Dec 2023

Duration: 1 hour 

The EuroCham Human Resources Committee conducted a discussion on significant HR-related topics and the committee’s future plans on July 26, 2023, before its Breakfast Talk on Hiring Smart. The following topics were discussed:

White Book 2023 Edition: The five recommendations of the 2023 White Book HR Chapter have been discussed by the committee members and will be included in the White Book 2023 Edition which will be officially released in the upcoming ‘ASEAN-Cambodia Summit’ on 28th and 208th September 2023. The Committee is pleased to have noticed certain improvements since the release of the previous White Book, especially with regard to the use of workplace on-site medical services.

– Education Working Group: The members of the EuroCham’s HR Committee are welcome to join the Education Working Group as a member of the team to work on the forms of work-based learning that place a greater emphasis on formal education, and guarantee that students receive a high-quality education that can meet the needs of professionals.

– The HR Closed-Door Meetings: The Committee intends to hold a second closed-door discussion on attracting top talent in the coming months following the success of the first meeting, which was held behind closed doors on May 17.

The next step for the Committee will be the release of the White Book, and the round of consultation to present the Committee’s recommendations to the Royal Government of Cambodia.