Real Estate and Construction Committee meeting on Thursday 2nd, May 2024

30 Apr 2024 | Real Estate & Construction Past Meetings

Last modified date: 8 May 2024

Duration: 1 hour and a half

The Real Estate and Construction Committee held its second meeting of the year on Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, to prepare for the upcoming Tall Building Forum scheduled for Thursday, May 30th.

EuroCham will host the third edition of the Tall Building Forum, in collaboration with the Construction Committee EuroCham Vietnam, under the theme “The Trends of Tall Buildings in 2024 in Southeast Asia.”

This event will bring together industry leaders and professionals to explore the future of tall buildings in Southeast Asia. The forum promises to be an informative and engaging experience, featuring panel discussions and innovative models created by students as part of the Future Tall Building Competition. Attendees will gain insights into:

– The latest trends shaping tall buildings in Southeast Asia

– Sustainability and affordability with tall buildings

– The latest technologies and methodologies in tall building construction

– The impact of tall buildings in urban contexts and how urban regulations should address the concept of vertical communities.