Digital & Technology Committee Meeting on 30th April 2024

22 Apr 2024 | Digital & Technology Past Meetings

Last modified date: 8 May 2024

Duration: 1 hour 

The EuroCham Digital & Technology Committee held its first committee meeting on Tuesday, 30 April 2024, following with Digital Future Forum in the early stage of the year. 

The committee has decided to organize two events, one will related to cryptocurrency and  the other one related to the situation of the Cambodian stock market. These upcoming events aim to have a better understanding of the newest business opportunities in Cambodia. Stay tuned for more information !

Following the publication of the Digital Skills Roadmap by the MPTC and the CADT, the Digital & Technology Committee decided to consider this issue that has been tackled by the committee for years – and published in our White Book – as solved.

The committee is eager to work with the government and other stakeholders to ensure the success and growth of the digital and technology sector and they are confident that they can contribute to the creation of a vibrant and sustainable technological landscape in Cambodia.