Courtesy Meeting between EuroCham and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport

7 Feb 2024 | Automotive Government Consultation, Garment & Manufacturing Government Consultation, Transport & Logistics Government Consultation

Last modified date: 7 Feb 2024

Duration: 2 hours

[Meeting with Ministry of Public Works and Transport – 24 January]

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) holds the key to unlock potential on several fronts in the Kingdom, and EuroCham met with His Excellency Leng Thunyuthea, Secretary of State of the MPWT and his team on Wednesday to discuss progress in several of these areas. EuroCham commends the ministry for it’s work on the country’s national highway and road system, the deep sea port in Sihanoukville, road safety, and other projects.

The EuroCham delegation, led by Vice-Chairman Cyril Girot and Executive Director Martin Brisson, expressed the chamber’s desire to promote six overarching topics; reducing red tape; promoting fair competition; enhancing sustainable business practices; encouraging digitalisation; increasing regional connectivity, and upskilling the Cambodian workforce, with Mr. Brisson presenting the findings of the 2024 White Book and 2023 Business Confidence Survey.

EuroCham’s automotive, garment & manufacturing, and transport & logistics committees were represented by Makara Chhoeurn, Emerald Am, and Matthew Lindsay Owen, respectively. Several topics of interest were raised including:

-Transparency regarding regulations on truck modifications
-Increasing safety standards and regulations for truck drivers
-Transparency regarding weigh stations and checkpoints
-Standardisation regarding vehicle registration data
-Implementing stricter emission standards
-Ensuring the safety of workers traveling to and from factories

Ministry representatives responded that they are aware of these issues and are working on them, although challenges are present, including attempting to regulate truck modifications that are sometimes made in the countryside.

Both sides agreed to work together, with the ministry requesting private sector cooperation and cooperation from the chamber on areas such as public awareness on road safety. We’d like to thank the ministry for taking the time to meet and we hope to continue this fruitful dialogue as we work together to solve the aforementioned issues.